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the social dance formula
by elite latin dance

The Social Dance Formula (1)_edited_edit

What is the social dance formula?

Elite Latin Dance's Social Dancing Formula was designed by our directors after years of teaching and experience.  It is a methodical syllabus with which if students follow, provides them a progressive & clear path to becoming a competent and confident social dancer.


We offer two streams at the moment, our "Social Salsa Series" and our "Social Bachata Series".  They are divided up by level and variation.  In order to complete each level, students must complete all the variation courses in said level.  However, students can complete the variations in any order.

Example: After completing Salsa 101, "Student A" took Salsa 202, then completed 203, then 201 before moving on to the 300 Level Series. 


Our Specialty Classes & Workshops are not necessary for those only interested in basic social dancing.  However, they are designed to be complimentary classes that provide a deeper dive into dance technique, spinning, conditioning and musical education.  They are recommended courses for any performance team members or for those dancers looking to further their dance & musical education.

So what class should you be in?  Checkout our guidelines & course pre-requisites below or message us for a free assessment.

Course Prerequisites

Beginner Level Courses:

Designed for New Dancers - (No experience - 2 months of experience)


Pre-Intermediate Level Courses:

Completed 100 series course - (2 months - 6 months)


Intermediate Level Courses:

Completed 200 series courses - (6 months - 3 years)


Advanced Level Courses:

Completed all the 300 series courses - (3 years +)


***Please note: Our estimated experience level for each course is based on taking consistent dance classes.  For Example: A student that takes one beginner course and then goes to socials only for 2 years should still only be in a pre-intermediate level course.  By contrast, a student that takes consistent group classes for 2 months should also be at the same level. 

Still not sure which class to take?  Message us and we can discuss your level and what class fits for you based on your individual experience and dance goals.

(Please note: If students enroll in a course without an assessment, instructors reserve the right to move you to the appropriate level based on their assessment.)

We will also be updating the page soon with an exhaustive list of patterns and shines and which courses specifically cover  said patterns & shines.  So if you are looking to learn a specific pattern or if you know you are missing certain key steps or figures, we can find the the correct course to place you in. 

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