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Dance Resources


We know counting Salsa can be difficult for a new dancer.  Practice makes perfect and we suggest you practice along to this Spotify playlist that contains slower, more recognizable beats in the music to train your ear. 

Counting Tracks

If you need some songs with counts in a voiceover, scroll down to tracks 20-25. 

Favourite First Song

Our favourite teaching song of all time however is track 11: La Llave by Grupo Latin Vibe. It has a discernable beat and is one of the slowest salsa songs around at 81 bmp.  

Bachata Music

Bachata can vary dramatically in tempo & style.  We enjoy dancing to our slow sensual tracks just as much as our fast traditional ballads.  You can find bachata anywhere online but we really enjoy this playlist as it is curated by dancers for dancers & is constantly being updated.  Happy Dancing!

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